After All This Time

Carol Pereira

After All This Time

Fabric and wood

Using period costume to reflect cultural values is a concept seen in the work by Carol Pereira. The large pyramidal shape, alluding to hierarchical elements, embodies coded references to artifacts in the King Manor Museum. It is a flattening collapse of a volumetric cone originally indicating the puffery and flounce of hoop skirts, petticoats, and bustles, the references to a colonial past. Now resembling “a long skirt or festive tent . . . suggesting home, dress, architecture, adornment . . . “ it is a locus of color and a signifier with differing readings from near and afar.


Carol Pereira, a 2004 US Fulbright Scholar to India, is an installation artist who holds an MFA from the Yale School of Art (2003). Her work has been featured in exhibitions including “Emerge” at Aljira, NJ (2006), ACAC Aomori Show in Japan (2005), “Sew Fine” at Islip Art Museum, Long Island (2002), and in Queens International2006 at the Queens Museum of Art.