Flight of the Jamerican

Stan Squirewell

Flight of the Jamerican

Self-adhesive vinyl

Nearing the conclusion of my project, I have found that the nuances of difference within the Queens Caribbean community are vast but the collective spirit of oneness is consistent. I have learned a great deal about the mysteries of religion and belief systems that deeply permeate the human spirit. From Christianity, Vodun, Santería, Umbanda, and Candomblé, all the participants that I spoke to agree,  it is in honor of their ancestors that they celebrate and practice, and to that end, they find their inner strength.

Photos provided by the artist.

Stan Squirewell  is a painter, photographer, installation, and performance artist. His work is multilayered and his subject matter speaks on themes such as: race and memory through mythology, human evolution, and history. He draws his inspiration from science fiction, avant-garde jazz, and indigenous storytelling.