Flyer for Help Offered

Nicolás Dumit Estévez

Flyer for Help Offered

Offset print on paper / Performance


In Help Offered, I offer my services free of charge to small-scale independent businesses in Jamaica, Queens, for the duration of the Jamaica Flux. I work in close proximity with their owners and employees, performing a variety of tasks that meet the needs of the establishment while elevating purely utilitarian actions such as waiting tables, washing dishes, waxing cars, and selling goods, into the realm of performance. Work is purposely devoid of all capital production and is instead shaped into a poetic exercise. In return, labor reassembles art into a utilitarian practice that questions commodification.

A component of Help Offered is Jamaican Food Sampling in Queens: Opening Menu Intervention. During the artist reception of Jamaica Flux, I provide an ongoing spread of food from restaurants, eateries, and bakeries along the commercial artery of Jamaica Avenue. Traveling by bicycle, I deliver dishes one at a time to JCAL gallery.

Estévez’ performance to promote Help Offered on October 23, 2004