From The Root

Leslie Hewitt and William Cordova

From The Root


Sited prominently high and large like a beacon, the work appears as a giant blackboard, it’s surface, like history, mutable and erasable. By inscribing a billboard sized surface, in contradistinction to advertising, and deploying a reversal of color: white lettering on a black background, Cordova and Hewitt bring attention to a non-ordered field of names, some recognizable, others strange to us, purposefully evoking history, past and present, of the instigators and martyrs of revolutionary and activist movements. A fragment of an evolving, larger piece, the unrecognized names will hopefully begin a probing for knowledge about these individuals, galvanizing this public space with dialogue. The remaining names buttress the indomitable spirit of the suppressed with their remarkable accomplishments against fearsome odds

. K.J.B.

Leslie Hewitt and William Cordova are independent artists living and working in both, New York, NY and Houston, TX. Hewitt’s work has been included in exhibitions at The Studio Museum in Harlem, NY (2005), The Bronx Museum of the Arts, NY (2005) and Sculpture Center, NY (2005). Cordova has exhibited at PS1 Contemporary Art Center, NY (2006), The Studio Museum in Harlem, NY (2005), and The Museum of Contemporary Art in Miami, FL (2003). Both artists are participants in BASE, a forum in discourse and design. It functions as platform for locality and grounded-ness and includes various artists and community activists.