Mentors Mark

Steed Taylor

Mentors Mark

High-gloss latex, names and prayer 18’ x 150’

The road tattoos of Steed Taylor are evanescent commemorative communal and interactive installations distinguished by history and ritual. Personalized markings by individuals bound through specific commonalities, the results are ultimately works heavily invested with emotion, and made more so by the processes by which these works are sited as public art works. Mentors Mark is a Celtic knot-based piece, with its origins reflecting man’s place within the natural world, invested with the names of students and their crucial advocates. These individuals of the York College campus of CUNY come from 50 countries speaking 37 languages. After a prayer, the names were sealed within the design, then left to eventual erasure through wear.


Steed Taylor, who is known as a “Road Tattoo Artist,” is a Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture alumna (1999). He has received commissions from a number of institutions, including the Nasher Museum and Duke University (2006), Florida State University (2005) and Rockland Center for the Arts, NY (2005).