hannes bend


Virtual reality

The project metaNoYa explores creativity and change as continuously cooperative, compassionate, and engaged formations of the mind. It offers ancient meditation practices — i.e. Vipassana (VP), Tonglen and Tummo — and contemporary contemplative practices — i.e. Western Yoga interpretations and Wim Hof Method (WHM) — integrates new mindful technologies and a non-judgmental approach for unifying and loving enactments. The practices embrace an inclusive and simple style for accessing newly scientifically rediscovered conscious connections to the immune and sympathetic nervous systems for a happier, healthier, more creative, and grateful life. My experiences as artist, researcher, long-term VP/WHM practitioner, and yoga instructor in NYC low-income neighborhoods and in the jail complex Rikers Island, will inform the project’s dynamic dialogue with the local community. Discussions, volunteer work, and repeated mindful retreats offer locally and individually embodied changes. Perceived and varying mediums, matter, concepts, and objects are part of the project. The process is primary

Meals during the metaNoYa retreat are provided by Smile of The Beyond.
Photo provided by the artist.

Since 2014, hannes bend has been a visiting scholar at the Quantum and Nanoscale Physics Alemán Lab and an artist-in-residence at the Institute of Neuroscience (University of Oregon/UO). He is developing projects centered around the self in society (NYC), mindfulness research and virtual reality (UO), and aquatic architecture (South Florida).