Moth, Hummingbird, Pathways

Lisa C Soto

Moth, Hummingbird, Pathways

Digital print

Cartography is the lens through which bicultural artist Lisa C Soto refracts her world for the viewer. Itself an abstraction, cartography is an ordered but not necessarily exact nor correct representation because of inherently dynamic geopolitical shifts. Soto’s images are conflations of experiences, layering of perceptions, resulting from additive and subtractive processes, integrated with a strong color sense. Incorporating nuanced but recognizable symbols and codes, these works are meant to galvanize responses in the local population of Jamaica, Queens. (For her painting, which is on display in print format on phone booths alongside Jamaica Avenue, Soto creates a composition of border lines of the countries that are represented in the community if Jamaica, Queens.)


Lisa C Soto studied fine art at the Amsterdams Instituut voor Schilderkunst, Amsterdam, Netherlands (1996), attended the Alliançe Français, Paris, France (1993) and holds a BA from the University of Arizona, AZ (1992). Her work has been shown at venues including Art Basel, Miami (2005), Brent Sikkema, NY (2004) and AIR Gallery, NY (2004). In her paintings, the artist superimposes cultural references on multiple layers of cartographical imagery, questioning the traditional notion of boundaries.