Red Light Green Light

RIDER Project

Red Light Green Light

Truck, various artworks

RIDER Project’s “Red Light, Green Light” is several exhibitions within a mobile gallery. The back of a Ryder® truck is used as an alternative exhibition space. RIDER Project brings art, information, and a new sense of community directly to people in their neighborhoods. As migrant cultural repositories, RIDER Project enlivens public spaces and provides audiences with an opportunity for connection, reflection and inspiration. Viewers are invited to enter the truck installations to view displayed artworks and to speak with participating artists. This RIDER installation will be displayed on 161st Street and Jamaica Avenue on Saturdays throughout the off-site exhibition period. Veronica Jay Clay evaluates systems in the public arena: play, consumption, architecture, and migration through drawings, sculpture, recordings, and performance-based interventions. The work, participatory in nature, combines maintenance and DIY sensibilities that promote creative and social exchange. During Jamaica Flux 2007, Veronica recorded her walks between three public spaces in downtown Jamaica: Rufus King Park, Queens Library, and the Jamaica Subway Station. The field recordings were compiled into a sound map. The map captures the neighborhood’s movement, conversations, and interactions taking place in these public spaces as well as the private spaces intersected within the walks’ parameters. Exhibited in JCAL’s gallery were components of the project: audio log, route map, photos of the public spaces and editing process, and the sound map played from a speaker vest she constructed.

RIDER PROJECT: Michele Gambetta, Veronica Jay Clay, Adam Lister, Mary Pinto, Ryan Schroeder

One of the artist-collective projects of Jamaica Flux 2007 is the RIDER Project, a mobile gallery located in the back of a 15-foot rental truck. Grounded in the idea that art can foster positive social change, the RIDER Project brings contemporary art to people who rarely view art. RIDER Project founder, Michele Gambetta, will participate in the project with four other artists, Veronica Jay Clay, Adam Lister, Mary Pinto, and Ryan Schroeder.