Grimanesa Amoros


Video, color, sound, 3 min Original Score: Omar Ajluni Original score by Omar Jon Aljuni Compositing by Cooper Miller, Steve Dubay


Remolino is artist Grimanesa Amoros’s sitespecific video-based project community-interactive project that depicts specific individuals from this remarkable neighborhood. It is a mutating panoply that reflects the retention of ethnic identity within a larger culture of diversity. By selecting people from the community, she parts the curtain of anonymity and more than fulfills the goals of engaging a dialogue with the community, projected larger than life, a metaphorical commentary on the importance of what is going on here. Kóan Jeff-Baysa

Grimanesa Amoros, originally from Peru, recently completed two public art projects for Hudson River Community Health Center in Peekskill, NY (2005) and Lee Building in Harlem, NY (2005). She has an extensive exhibition record, of which some highlights include Hostos Center for the Arts & Culture in The Bronx, NY (2006), the Artco Gallery in Lima, Peru (2003) and the Art Renaca Gallery in Valparaiso, Chile (1997). Her work is also included in the permanent collections of the Museums of Modern Art in Cuenca, Ecuador and Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.