Revealing New York: The Disappearance of Other

Alicia Grullón

Revealing New York: The Disappearance of Other

interventional street performance


In the performance Revealing New York: The Disappearance of Other, Alicia Grullón highlights the effects of New York City’s transformation by covering her face with clippings and media associated with housing changes. These changes bring revitalization, but in some cases displacement, devastation, and anonymity. Engaging people from different economic and cultural backgrounds, the project questions how housing development alters the city’s demographics as well as its landscape.
Performance script:
1. The artist masks her face with clippings and media associated with housing changes occurring in New York City.
2. She then sits at a location selling personal objects and belongings at ridicu lously inflated prices reflecting cost to cover her foreclosure bailout.
3. Finally, when the mask dries, the artist finishes the performance and leaves.

Alicia Grullón is an American artist from The Bronx. She is a recipient of a Franklin Furnace Fund for Performance Art, the Future of the Present 2007-08, and Chashama visual arts awards. She has exhibited at Mount Holyoke College’s Five College Women’s Studies Research Center, Raritan Community College, Masur Museum of Art, Art for Change, the Peekskill Arts Festival, Samuel Dorsky Museum at the State University at New Paltz, Hunter College Gallery, the Point Community Center, and the University of Rhode Island. Her work has appeared in Dirty Pop, ICP at the Point, and the World Journal of Post-Factory Photography. She participated in 2008’s Art in Odd Places: Pedestrian. In 2009, the Arts Council Korea and Stone & Water Alternative Space invited her to participate in a two-month long artist residency. Grullón’s projects consist of performances and photography, and often take the form of public interventions in storefronts, offices, and public spaces.