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Ayana Evans

SAT Tutoring

SAT/ACT tutoring and students

Teaching is a performance — one has to talk like, look like, and respond like a teacher. The image of a patient, polished, one-dimensional academic is not who many teachers are at heart. It is who they perform for their students. I am interested in teaching (i.e. performing) without pretending not to be a performance artist in front of my students.

I have decided that for five weeks I will tutor kids for the SAT and ACT while laying bare what I feel about the act of teaching and what rituals are involved in this work process. Five minutes of each session will be dedicated to discussing performance art as an art practice and how they are participating in it for the day. This will create a more ideal/authentic learning environment.

Photos by Dominique Sindayiganza unless otherwise noted.

Ayana Evans is a performance artist from Chicago who has exhibited at the Queens Museum, Panoply Performance Laboratory, Defibrillator Gallery, and Grace Exhibition Space. Evans received an MFA from Temple University and BA from Brown University. Additionally, she earned a scholarship to the Skowhegan School of Painting & Sculpture and the Jerome Foundation’s 2015 Theater Travel and Study Grant.