Shadow Play

Lily & Honglei (2016)

Shadow Play

Integrating emerging technologies such as virtual reality (VR)  and augmented reality (AR) with an intriguing folk art form known as shadow play, the multimedia project is presented as two-part installation at Jamaica Flux 2016.

Part One, “Shadow Play: Tales of Urbanization of China,” creates an opportunity for the audience to experience the changing landscapes of contemporary China. In four chapters, VR installation sheds light upon real-life incidents such as clashes during land evictions resulting from urban expansion, children abductions, suicides of migrant workers, and predicaments involving the cultural and environmental degradation. The slideshow of VR screenshots reveals work-in-progress of the multi-year project.

Part Two, “Shadow Play: Tree of Life,” metaphorically visualizes cultural coexistence. Utilizing AR technology on mobile device, it highlights the extraordinary demographic diversity and colorful folk art traditions associated with communities in Jamaica, Queens neighborhood.

Lily & Honglei, the immigrant artist collaborative, produces cross-platform projects reflecting upon contemporary China in the context of a global age. Their multimedia artworks embrace both traditional art forms and new technologies such as digital animation, Virtual Reality in cyberspace, and Augmented Reality on mobile devices.