Kakyoung Lee, Window Project / Kalia Brooks

Kakyoung Lee’s practice is centered on the observation of people’s movements in everyday life. She uses a process that combines drawing, animation and video projection to trace the nuance of human actions, and present them back to the public in the form of the moving image. Lee is concerned with the ways in which we move through space as a group, and the moments of synchronized gathering that occur in daily life. She captures the subtle rhythm of people as they ride public transit, pilgrimage to a spiritual site, and socialize in public. Lee replicates the crowd as it traverses the landscape. She draws the outline of each figure multiple times and then layers each character on top of the other to recreate her sense of motion. The silhouette style of the figures also calls to mind the anonymity that emerges when we congregate in groups.

For Jamaica Flux: Workspaces and Windows 2016, Lee created an installation that projects an animation of people gathering at an art opening onto the windows of the Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning. Using her technique, she isolates the figures within the space, capturing them as they mill about and cluster around each other. The animation is projected onto the three street-facing windows of the gallery so that they are visible at night as people pass by The Center along the busy corridor of Jamaica Avenue. The irony here is that the windows although they are part of the original architecture of the building, have been blocked off so that they do not provide direct light or sightline into the white cube of the gallery space. Lee’s animated projection subverts this boundary by using the moving image to generate a point of accessibility from this heavily populated street into the activity inside the gallery.


Kalia Brooks

Kalia Brooks is a New York based writer, curator, and educator who currently teaches in the Photography and Imaging Department at the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University.